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Matte Boxes For Film, Video and HD Cameras, Video Assist for Film Cameras,Custom Design and Manufacturing, CCD & CMOS camera packages. Zeiss, Cooke, Canon, Cannon, Nikon, Nikkor, Fujinon, Arri, Arriflex, MOVIECAM, Aaton, Mitchell, Panasonic, Sony, JVC
110-115mm Clip-on Lightweight Mattebox Hand tightens to 110-115mm diameter lens fronts and does not require rod support. Easily insert a 4&1/2" round polarizer through a side slot then easily rotate the pola by spinning an external wheel. Holds (2) 4x 5.65 glass filters with individual locks. Large filter aperture and wide angle shade for wide angle / large format coverage. Machined / anodized aluminum body, stainless hardware just 12 ounces including 2 trays. Optional eyebrow assembly is less than 8 ounces.
DeFoe Technical Services
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