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95mm Clip-on Lightweight Matte box Hand tightens directly to 95mm lens fronts.
95mm Clip-on Lightweight Matte box Hand tightens directly to 95mm lens fronts and does not require rod support. Step down adapters are available for smaller sizes. Easily insert a 4&1/2" round polarizer (or other) through a side slot then easily rotate the filter by spinning an external wheel. Holds (2) 4x 5.65 glass filters with individual locks. Machined / anodized aluminum body, stainless hardware, under 13 oz. including 2 trays. Optional eyebrow assembly is less than 8 ounces total consisting of a small eyebrow with a larger flag plate easily added. The front shade can mount at 90 degrees for pulling portrait graduated filters. A spring detent locates the filter trays to center by feel and provides slip in / hold tension. Individual non marring nylon lock screws secure trays in position. 4x4 step down trays are available by special order. Rod adapters are available to mount on Arri lightweight 15mm rods or to 3/4" diameter rods on 1.5" centers compatible with "You Pod".



Shown with optional rod support adapter and 3/4" diameter rods and a "You Pod" front rod adapter set.


Shown with optional 2 piece eyebrow assembly consisting of a small eyebrow and a larger flag plate.Also with optional rod support shown. The small eyebrow is mounted to the matte box by the 2 top interior screws inside the shade.


Shown with optional rods and optional eyebrow. The 2 thumb screws on the top right are for mounting the larger flag plate.


Optional front rod suport bracket. Works with standard Arri 15mm lightweight rod support or 3/4" diameter 1.5" center to center rods compatible with "You Pod" #8X75.

95 mbox accessories

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