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Bolex H16 M

bolex bolex movement

Periscope Lens by Wild Heerbug shown is available seperately - not included with the Bolex itself.



bolexbolexbolex motor


Bolex H16 M Made in Switzerland

The Bad news: No reflex viewing system.

The Good News: looks to be ready for standard C-mount lenses instead of specialty Rex mount lenses that are rare and dated.

Todays C-mount lenses would almost certainly make superior images to those of decades ago- IMHO

...This was apparently a Lab camera so it is in very good condition.

...This belonged to the University of California Department of Energy? We bought it from the University.

....Comes with a base that includes rubber shock mounts that isolate vibration. Also this base has some tilt adjustment range built in.

... Includes electric drive motor that is easily dismounted. There is some sensor on the drive coupling to measure speed and or position.The drive is one revolution equals one frame. Motor and sensor and base all look readily removable if you want to return it to normal set-up without these extras.

...Comes with a a role of black and white film on daylight spools mostly on the feed side but clearly not usable although it would be interesting to see what you would get.

...Magazine mount bracket on top.