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F35 viewfinder on upper & lower mount

with DeFoe Technical M-box &Ultra Prime

This modification of Sony F23 and Sony F35 handles addresses several problems. We shorten the handle in front and relocate the return armature approximately 1.1 inches further away from the viewfinder mount. This results in the viewfinder being able to move in approximately 3.8 inches more inboard in many cases. It allows the viewfinder to come up instead of being trapped under the handle. This now allows use of matte boxes that previously could not be used. The new viewfinder placement is much better for the operator especially if it is to be handheld. We permanently attach reinforcing caps over the dovetails. The weight of a built system and the thin walls of the dovetails commonly leads to fracturing and ultimately breaking dovetail mounts on the handle. Preemptively or to reinforce / repair dovetails that are starting to fracture - we press on and adhere these machined anodized aluminum caps. This particular handle was noticeably fractured as shown but was saved by this modification. Notice also the DeFoe Technical matte box pictured. It has a clamping range of 110mm to 115mm without any adapters. This customer purchased step downs to 104mm, 95mm and 80mm. This matte box is 2 stages 4x5.65 landscape and has a unique stage for easily inserting and rotating a 4.5 round filter with an external thumb wheel. The Handle modification which includes handle shortening, armature relocation and reinforcing caps installed is currently being offered for $310 - contact us before sending your handle. In some cases it may be able to be turned around in 24 hours?


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