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Designed while with CEI Technology : built by DeFoe Technical. This is the Flex Prime relay lens for Video Assist installations on Professional Motion Picture Cameras such s Arri II, Arri BL's, Arri 535's, Moviecam SL's, Aaton 35mm.

This lens makes high quality images of the film cameras focus screen or ground glass onto 1/2" CCD cameras. The lens gives variable image size using different rear elements as modifiers to suit the particular film camera. The "size" screw moves that element forward / backward to adjust the image size. The "focus" screw moves the main lens set within the lens body. A high quality added front element places the ground glass image nera infinity despite the fact that the ground glass is typically 4" away. The rubber grip ring adjusts iris aperture. The base of the lens has a split locking ring that pins the lens to the video camera so it cannot unscrew or come loose.




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