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Retrofit for TS-100 and large flasks plus 96 well plates.

This retrofit kit can be installed onto the Nikon TS-100 / TS-100F inverted microscope and possibly other models. The retrofit allows full view of large specimen flasks from Corning and BD Falcon marked 600mL volume which measure approximately 118mm wide X 166mm X 48mm deep long. The kit re-utilizes the T1-SM translation stage. The kit repositions the translation stage outside the vertical column freeing up crucial table space to fit the large flask to its outer edges under the viewing axis. Because the T1-SM translation stage does not have the range of travel needed to see the entire flask, a secondary set of X / Y travels are included to give the necessary travel range. Because the large flask at the edges will be past the balance point (wants to tilt or fall off the table) the kit includes 2 table extensions to properly support the large flask tray. The kit includes an anodized aluminum tray or carrier for the flasks. They are well fitted and will accommodate either the Corning or BD Falcon flasks. The aluminum carrier tray includes a replaceable grid window. The .2" square reference grid is as close to the specimen plane of focus as possible. The grid nicely fits the field of view with the 4X objective and 10X eyepiece. The grid window may be removed and or replaced if necessary. The kit also includes an anodized aluminum carrier tray to hold standard 96 well plates such as those from Costar which measure approximately 128mm x 85mm. Changing from one carrier to the other takes moments and no tools - lift spring arm, insert , release spring arm. Installation should not require any permanent alteration of the scope and requires basic tools - hex wrenches / screwdrivers. Made primarily of precision machined aluminum that is then bead blasted for matte finish and black anodized to harden its surfaces.

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