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Navitar video microcope


Navitar High End Zooming Video Microscope Assembly - Over $2,000 system in nearly new condition

From the camera end:

Removable 5mm spacer - standard c-mount adapter

Rear -CS mount labeled 1-6010

1 x adjustable rear labeled 1-6218 looks to be adjustable back focus

Main Section labeled 1-50828

Micro Mo Motor labeled 1516E0125123? with 15 pin D- connector

In line illumination option - light the subject through the lens

Easily removed 2X front optic labeled 1-50015


This system makes very high quality microscope images when mounted to a C-mount or CS mount video camera. The illumination port allows putting in light that will light the subject through the lens itself. The assembly is very modular so components can be added or removed to get different magnifications. The motor can be pushed manually to manipulate the zoom range. The motor could be removed to allow direct manual zoom control or if you have the hardware and knowledge you could of coarse utilize the motor for zoom control. This is a very nice assembly in as new condition.