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DeFoe Technical designed the machined aluminum base for Stretch Inc. of this specialized camera reference design. See it on their website at the Stretch web page



The following information is from the Stretch Inc. web page

S6106 IP Camera Reference Design Kit
The Stretch S6106 IP Camera Reference Design Kit is an ultra-compact IP camera reference design based on the Stretch S6106 software configurable processor. With the main board measuring just 32mm x 72mm, the design is small enough to fit within the smallest of mechanical enclosures. The high level of integration achieved with the S6106 results in a low complexity board design with low power consumption.

The reference design can process and compress multiple video streams at 30 fps using the supplied H.264 CODEC. Alternatively, the processor has enough power to compress full resolution and frame rate video from the supplied wide dynamic range D1 sensor while simultaneously performing complex video analytics. The S6106 IP Camera RDK application is built using the Stretch Intelligent Encoder SDK, giving it multi-stream, multi-CODEC capability.

The S6106 IP Camera RDK is a production-ready reference design that can form the heart of a high performance D1 IP camera without further modification. It is compatible with the same intuitive tool flow and debug environments used across Stretch product lines, so it can also be used as a highly efficient development platform for the S6106 device family.

The reference design is available in both evaluation and full versions. The full version includes a distribution agreement for the Stretch Intelligent Encoder and the hardware design files required to manufacture this production ready kit.



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