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Arri SR 1 and 2 video tap conversions. We have made a variety of solutions based on what the customer is starting with. We can convert J-Bars, T-Bars and several after market systems.


This started as an Arri T-Bar which would not support a CCD video camera. We cut off the video side and machined it to a flange. Added a custom relay lens set that gives accessible focus and iris controls. Better optically than the original video optics. We also replaced the donut shaped beam splitter with a special laterally opposed first surface mirrors that eliminates the black hole effect that the original optics suffered from. High quality imaging that fits the entire Super 16mm image. This is compatible with Arri SR1 and 23 standard and High Speed cameras. Can be made to work with CEI cameras or DeFoe Technical color or B&W cameras.


The J-bar conversion was designed by Greg DeFoe while the head technician at Lee Utterbach cameras SF. LU camera sold over 100 J-bar conversions primarily for customers wanting to use CEI Color 3,4 or 5 cameras . Greg DeFoe also designed an adapter for C-mount standard cameras and specially packaged cameras to optimize the arrangement.




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