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This is a Sony XC-75 NTSC High quality B&W video camera re-housed in a machined aluminum anodized housing. The imager is put at a right angle to the camera body and up is up as pictured. A second BNC connector is hard mounted to the new case for durability. An on / off switch and power indicating LED are added in this housing. The camera is C-mount and is configured to work on Arri Sr 1 and SR2 (SRII) cameras with the Lee Utterbach J-Bar conversion. I designed that J-Bar conversion while at Lee Utterbach camera in San Francisco. The connectors would be aimed rearward on the SR LU tap. If you already have one of these systems but are using an off the shelf C-mount video camera this will work with that hardware and be a big physical improvement and quite possibly a superior video image as well. If you are needing to convert your video assist to see Super 16 talk to us- we can help. Also available are high perrformance Color Video assist cameras for the SR. We can co0nvert an Arri T-Bar as well. We also make video assist cameras and optics for several other applications.

These XC-75 were used in a lab environment and are rehoused in new machined housings.

XC-75 manual in PDF




Some basics found online:

SONY XC-75 Monochrome Camera Module

Description of SONY XC 75

The XC-75/73 series of monochrome camera module has been designed to be a more compact and versatile version of the widely used XC-77 for machine vision application. The XC-75 has an asynchronous trigger shutter function (S-DONPISHA) that allows fast moving objects to be captured upon the application of an external signal. The XC-75/73 series has been made even more versatile by the introduction of the L-type frame. This enables installation systems where space is a premium without using a mirror.

Features of SONY XC75

  • High Resolution : 570(H) x 485(V) TV lines

  • High Sensitivity, High S/N ratio

  • Electronic Shutter (1/ 125 ~ 1/ 10,000 sec.)

  • Asynchronous Shutter (S-DONPISHA)

  • External Shutter Speed Control (0.8V ~ 1/ 500,000 sec.)

  • 1/3" IT Hyper HAD CCD

  • Restart Reset Function

  • Interlaced/ Non-Interlaced

  • Frame/ Field Integration

  • Picture elements 768(H) x 494(V)

  • CCD horizontal frequency 14.318MHz

  • Cell size 6.35(H) x 7.4 (V) micron m


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