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You Pod Hardware and Prices for System #8X1.0

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You Pod #8X1.0 You Pod #8X1.0 You Pod #8X1.0

You Pod Base System #8X1.0 includes 3 Handles (1" OD) and the base block with 8 port holes. Comes standard with Tee knobs at all clamp positions and 2 different tie down screws for different class cameras.Tie Downs included are a round knurled 1/4"-20 Tie Down Screw and a 3/8"-16 Tie Down screw for larger cameras. The base block features a textured rubber landing and a removable locating pin for standard 1/4"-20 style mounts. Made of machined and anodized aluminum with stainless steel screws. Includes a 3/16" hex tool that fits all the 1/4"-20 mounting, clamping and locking screws. The key easily clips to one of the handles for storage and easy access. * Stainless Steel Arri locator pictured but to be purchased separately below.

List price is $940 Current Introductory price is $740


Arri Locator stainless steel block Stainless Steel locating pin / block : Locates directly to the bottom of most Arri Film cameras. Also will locate directly to standard Arri / Arriflex bridge plate bottoms or other makes of bridge plates that follow the Arri standard. A standard Arri bridge plate bottom has 3 3/8"-16 mounting holes and then a forward locating hole that is the same spacing from the forward most 3/8"-16 mount hole as exists on the bottom of their cameras. Therefore this pin will locate the You Pod to the Arri camera directly or to the Arri bridge plate bottom.This pin / block mounts with a single 1/4"-20 screw that is included.
Locator Pin / block for Arri cameras or Arri style bridge plate bottoms $40


You Pod with 2 Rigging L Brackets You Pod with 2 L Rigging Brackets low profile Rigging L- Bracket for alternative mounting
You Pod with 3 Rigging L Brackets at rod ends with a broad base and good leveling ability (click to enlarge) You Pod with L rigging Brackets screwed to a post

Rigging "L" Bracket with screw. These give you something to bolt to or through with a variety of positioning options. Attach them directly to the You Pod or use them at handle segment ends. These are compatible with #8X75 and #8X1.0 systems and a mounting screw and washer are included.

$25 each


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