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Reviewed and scored 4 out of 5 by DV Magazine January 2009 Written by Iain Stasukevich

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"First I want to say I love my You Pod 8x75! I bought the You Pod for my HVX200 and up until getting this great gizmo
 I had such trouble using my HVX hand-held. I am a smaller female, and the HVX is heavy enough. But to try and make it work with other shoulder mounts and the HVX finder ( I had tried 3 others) has always been a challenge.  (Once I got the You Pod I knew it was just right and ended up selling my Birns and Sawyer shoulder mount.) This is perfect!"

An unsolicited comment from;
Kija K. Manhare
Long Beach, CA
(using You Pod with 3 like handles and no pad. Tee knobs for locks)

Video DSLR 5D, 7D, GH1...

For Video capturing DSLR's the You Pod #8X75 with 2 handles, contoured shoulder pad assembly that includes an offset angle bracket with 2 levers (adjusts the angles of the pad), a 3 hole clamp bracket with short rod (creates adjustable offset to align the axis of the display screen / optional optical finder with the operators eye), SLR stop plate that is adjustable to meet the SLR body to eliminate play or rotation of the SLR on the You Pod. Optional front rod support bracket has adjustable height to meet the lens axis on all known SLR's with a centered 1/4-20" mount.

You Pod is a versatile, powerful accessory to almost any camera system. The basic premise is that You are the mobile tri-Pod. You Pod dramatically improves stability for hand holding and shooting on the go with greater comfort and reduced fatigue. You can readily assemble whatever combination of equipment you want along with completely adjustable handle / leg / pad / bracket arrangements you desire for a well balanced, easily handled system that gets you higher quality shots, unique Points of View (POV) and improved work flow. You Pod can also be thought of as a Universal Pod functioning in many hand held configurations , a variety of specialized tripod functions and offering versatile rigging options in ways not possible with any other system. For the professional and the enthusiast, professional results are achieved with a wide variety of cameras. In fact, as quality cameras get smaller and in different form factors difficulty in operating them smoothly and comfortably often increases. Creativity more and more often requires getting off the traditional tripod and transitioning from one perspective to another. As such, You Pod is the camera operator's new best friend.


This You Pod package includes the You Pod Base, 2 standard complete handles and third handle segment has a fully contoured shoulder pad with offset angle bracket instead of a hand grip. Includes adjustable levers known to some people as "Kipp type" at the 8 locking points. Includes a 3 bore clamp rail and short tube to align your eye to the display / finder. Also includes the SLR stop plate to locate the camera positivly. Assemble the You Pod with just a shoulder pad or add the desired configuration of handles and accessories for comfortable grip and support. A variety of pads and accessory brackets are available to suit the users preferences and particular needs. Mounts almost any 1/4"-20 mounted camera.

#8X75WFCPDSLR This system available now for the introductory price of $449

major options


The simplest 3 handle system with hex key screws starts at $249 and can be accessorized and upgraded from there
You POd #8X75 standard with 3 handles SLR on You Pod SLR and camcorder Multi camera and mono pod You Pod and SLR


Standard handles are included in the basic system. Each handle can be mounted in any of 8 positions in the base and rotated limitlessly 360 degrees each. Standard handles are (2) 8"segments with approximately 300 degrees of adjustability at their joint. The handles are specially formed and reinforced lightweight aluminum tubes with steel thread inserts, special friction washers, stainless steel screws with hand knobs and ball bearings to increase tightening torque and prevent loosening. This also allows using the handles at a clutch friction point. The handles can be tightened to a modest point that still allows quick slip adjustment of its angle. This can be useful when rapid transitions but light loads will be encountered or for making quick adjustments as a tripod or for simply narrowing in on the ideal positions while setting up. For general usage however it is best for the handle to be locked into the user's desired position. A comfortable slightly cushioned grip is fitted to the external tube segment. This is a comfortable hand grip in hand held use and a cushioned non-marring foot in the case of tripod usage.
Handles for stability: the handles are putting your control points further away from the camera axis which inherently improves stability. In essence you are creating a mechanical advantage rather than trying to control the camera near its optical axis. With the You Pod system you can typically have 3 points of control at some distance away from the optical axis. You will immediately feel, see and appreciate the reduction of unintentional movements degrading your work.
Handles for comfort: the handles can bring your control points to more natural, comfortable positions. In a relaxed manner you can brace against your own body for stability and reduction of fatigue. Arms and hands can be lower as opposed to being held at near eye level which leads to poor circulation and rapid fatigue as is the case when you hold a camera to your eye directly.
Handles brace for control manipulation: bracing your palm on a well positioned handle for instance allows manipulation of pushbuttons, slide and lever controls without exerting undesirable forces on the camera itself which would result in camera movement. Start, stop, zoom in and out (and all other onboard controls) no longer need to result in an image bump. Also, having a stable control point allows for finding these controls easily, repeatedly, intuitively. You will be amazed at the improved control you will have feathering zoom controls once you establish a comfortable base position for you hand. SLR on You Pod

Low Angle and Table Top Tripod: With the 3 standard handles You Pod can operate as a low angle or table top tripod. Operate just above the ground at most any tilt angle ranging from straight up to straight ahead to straight down for macro work. You Pod can create a wide enough base to balance safely and stably unlike most "mini tripods" note that one of the most common hand held arrangements (2 handles slightly forward and one level - rearward to rest on the shoulder) goes directly to table top tripod without significant adjustment and adjusting the rear handle alone gives a wide range of tilt angle. This configuration also simply allows you to put the system down nicely landing on 3 cushioned feet.


SLR Tripod SLR Tripod SLR Tripod You Pod SLR Tripod SLR Tripod
Low angle still


Mount any standard 1/4"-20 device: almost every camera has this standard threaded hole for mounting. The camera can be at any rotational angle to the You Pod. Alternatively a locating pin can register the camera aiming straight ahead or at 45 degrees to the You Pod in many cases. The textured rubber landing makes for non-slip, non-marring mounting of your camera. The mounting screw is trapped to the system to avoid it getting lost. The mounting screw can be operated rapidly by hand with no tools but can also be tightened and loosened with a 3/16" hex key if desired.
Top of You Pod #8x75 main block The underside of the You Pod #8x75 base block
Optional Brackets mount auxiliary equipment and accessories: Mount more than one camera, mics, lights, shades, monitors, prompters etc. Accessory brackets can be added to the standard handles or you can add extra rods and handles or even gang more than one You Pod together for multi camera setups. Let Camera B roll at wide angle while you frame Camera A continuously. You will always have that wide shot in your pocket in case you miss something. Get high quality stills simultaneously with video by carrying 2 cameras in one rig. Even add a cup holder if you want :-)
Multiple cameras and accessories Accessory Bracket with 1/4-20 mount plus a camera shoe block Clamp Rail Bracket
Clamp Rail Bracket and straight tubes. DeFoe Tech Matte Box pictured Clamp rail bracket and accessory bracket on top Rods, handles, clamp joints
2 You pods joined with the Tripod Adapter block Front rod adpter for 3/4" or 15mm rods (Arri standard) with adjustable height Front rods support accessories such as DT Matte Boxes


Optional handles get unique POV's: Optional handles can facilitate walk the dog type camera operation just above the ground. This POV can also easily transition into other points of view including high overhead.


Better operation on a regular tripod: If you mount your camera with the You Pod to your tripod you will find that you have much better control of subtle movements with less vibration and recoil. Especially on budget tripods, you will get smoother more directly controlled movements by using the You Pod handles. By leveraging more directly to the camera you reduce the effects of backlash, breakaway tension and vibration that can be created by the tripod and its head. Especially in the tilt mechanism of a budget head, the fact that the camera may be several inches above the heads tilt axis in fact amplifies camera movement and vibration. You Pod readily gives you 2 hands more directly controlling the camera. You can use a Tripod Riser Adapter to allow the necessary clearance for the handle knobs or you can optionally use below flush screws that give the You Pod a flat bottom and allow direct attachment to a tripod or quick release plate.


You Pod with Tripod Riser Block Flush screw kit (left), Tee knobs (right) Flush Screw Set
Great rigging options: A multitude of mounting screw holes (1/4"-20) are available on the You Pod base. Additionally, available simple rigging brackets with or without standard type handles allow attachment of the You Pod system on all manner of things. You can rig your camera system in or on vehicles, trees, ladders, posts, animal harnesses, sports equipment, whatever. Limited only by your imagination and good judgment of course. The Rigging L Brackets can go directly to the You Pod or to the handle joint ends to allow greater leveling and aiming. The brackets have threaded 1/4"-20 holes and passive holes and slots for you to fasten by.
You Pod with 2 Rigging L Brackets You Pod with 2 L Rigging Brackets low profile You Pod with 3 Rigging L Brackets at rod ends with a broad base and good leveling ability
Rigging L- Bracket for alternative mounting You Pod with L rigging Brackets screwed to a post You Pod with L rigging Brackets screwed to a post

You Pod is Manufactured in the United States

Patent Pending

You Pod is nearly 100% Made in the USA . Designed, machined, finish anodized and assembled in Northern California with custom grips and hardware made in other US locations. The raw materials and standard fasteners are purchased from US companies. DeFoe Technical Services is a US company and pays its taxes in the USA.

Details about the You Pod construction:

The You Pod base and other brackets are machined from solid blocks of 6061-T6 high grade machining aluminum on a CNC machining center (computer driven milling machine that changes its cutting tools, spindle speed, feed speed and directions in multiple axis, coolant functions etc. automatically per programming for efficient production and consistent results piece to piece). The parts are glass bead blasted for uniform texture and then black anodized which is an electro chemical process that hardens the metal surfaces and permanently dyes the surfaces black without any significant surface buildup that could affect fit. This hardened surface resists wear and is corrosion resistant. Markings if applicable are then engraved through the anodized surface. All threaded holes are "Formed Threads". Threads are formed by displacing the aluminum material under pressure which creates stronger threads by work hardening the metal and preserving material structure. Bottom line, the threads are stronger than tapped threads.

Tubes and handles are made of 6061 or 6063 grade aluminum depending. The shaped ends are formed under high heat and pressure with an additional piece of aluminum inserted simultaneously to reinforce the end. These are finish CNC machined, glass bead blasted and black anodized.


Hand Grips are a combination of vinyl and specially foamed vinyl which creates a good texture and mild cushioning. These are permanently attached to the aluminum handles.

Screws and washers are stainless steel

Bushings are oil impregnated bronze


Important information about You Pod use and Warranty :

Safety; The end user is ultimately responsible for the safety of themselves, others and property. Our illustrations of potential uses are examples of possibilities. The end user must determine the suitability of using any given piece of equipment. The design and mass of your equipment along with the manner you intend to use it help define the working limitations of You Pod. All locking mechanisms should be evaluated for sufficient tension at each setup change and periodically thereafter. Although hand tightening is an option at many of the adjustments, you must determine if you can create sufficient locking power or if tool tightening is required and this can depend on the style of screws outfitted on your You Pod. Carefully support your equipment while setting up and until all locks are sufficiently tightened. Get to know your You Pod and recognize how it will withstand forces differently at different angles before potential slippage. For instance, bore clamps might slip rotationally under heavy forces but are very unlikely to pull out. The handle joints will withstand the least amount of force directly in line with their designed axis of rotation adjustment before being forced to slip. Remember that increased mass and distance equal increased force. Periodically inspect your equipment for wear or damage that could compromise the safety of its use.

Durability; We encourage sufficient tightening of all locks but at some point you can tighten to the breaking point. So familiarize yourself with the necessary tightening. Over tightening of bored clamps can stretch or fracture the aluminum clamps. Over tightening can strip threads, snap screws or round out the hex head. Severe tightening a bore clamp when no tube or handle are present can cause the bore to become misshapen and perhaps unusable. Excessive forces on the plastic tee knobs of clamp screws can damage or snap off the tee handle. However, the screw will remain operational with the hex tool. These kinds of damage are not covered under warranty. The You Pod is not built like a tank. Camera operators cannot afford to carry tanks around. However, it is constructed with material effectiveness very much in mind so it isn't delicate either. The anodized aluminum, stainless steel screws are all corrosion resistant under normal working circumstances. The bearings and pressed in thread inserts at the handle joints are made of steel that is black oxide coated. The black oxide coating along with a minor amount of surface oiling help resist oxidation but periodic modest surface oiling is recommended to reduce oxidation especially under moist conditions. If used in salt water spray or other corrosive environments, more aggressive cleaning and oiling would be recommended.

Warranty; The You Pod and its accessories are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase to be free from defects of workmanship that interfere with proper use. We will repair or replace at our our choice items covered under warranty. Damage due to improper use or treatment is not covered under warranty.



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